Team COP23

Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar in Climate Justice

My research focuses on climate justice and migration in the Maldives. I am particularly interested in how different understandings of the future shape the debate. 

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Commonwealth Doctoral Student

My research focuses on understanding the resettlement discourses regarding the policies that are used in implementing settlement programs; what level of community participation is engaged in planning and execution of resettlement and how does resettlement affect people’s livelihoods. My research focuses on Malawi where there are attempts to resettle people due to their yearly exposure to floods which results in loss of personal belongings and life.

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Doctoral Student

I am an atmospheric chemist studying the oxidation of fatty acid and glycolipid monolayers at the air/water interface by combining neutron reflectometry and infrared spectroscopy with a novel reaction/analysis chamber.

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Leverhulme Doctoral Scholar

My research examines the influence of the AILAC bloc within the UNFCCC climate change negotiations.

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SCENARIO Doctoral Student

My research involves looking at the shape and position of the jetstream in order to simplify climate models.


Ecology and Agri-Environmental Research Doctoral Student.

My research is based on soil microorganisms, which has a important role in plant symbioses, and it is a agent of mitigation climate change. I am particularly interested in forest resilience and the new possibilities towards carbon sequestration.


SCENARIO-CASE Doctoral Student

I am researching the effect of dense bands of water vapour within the lower atmosphere (known as Atmospheric Rivers) and their link to UK winter flooding events. I am particularly interested in the effect of catchment characteristics and geographical setting in shaping the response to the large amounts of precipitation bought by such events.

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SCENARIO Doctoral Student

My research looks at the impacts of historic disturbance in Amazonian forests by examining fossil records and modern forest inventories. 

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Doctoral student


Doctoral Student 

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Human Geography Doctoral Student

My research is on, “Enhancing Social Resilience and Adaptation to Climate change: A Case Study of Disabled People in Southern Bangladesh”. This inter-disciplinary research will investigate disabled people's vulnerability and social resilience in coastal areas of Bangladesh at risk of flooding. The findings will provide evidence and policy and practice guidance to enhance the social resilience of disabled people in the face of climate change.


COP CAS Manager

I manage the Climate Action Studio and work with the students to facilitate their interactions with COP.

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