Elena Saggioro

PhD Candidate, Mathematics of Planet Earth programme

In my research I try to quantify “how wrong” Global Climate Models are. I am focusing especially on their projection for the future 100 years.

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Gilka da Silva

Ecology and Agri-Environmental Research Doctoral Student.

My research is based on soil microorganisms, which has a important role in plant symbioses, and it is a agent of mitigation climate change. I am particularly interested in forest resilience and the new possibilities towards carbon sequestration.


Giulia Carigi

PhD candidate, Mathematics of Planet Earth Centre for Doctoral Training

In my PhD I am studying the mathematical properties of certain models of fluids for the atmosphere and ocean. My research focuses on two topics: first understanding the long time behavior of the models as this could give us an insight on climate dynamics. Secondly, on how crucial model properties change when we modify the parameters involved. This could provide a mathematical framework in which climate change, triggered by a change in external parameters or forcings, can be investigated.

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Jacob Myers

Knowledge Management Officer, Walker Institute

I work as a Knowledge Management Officer at the interdisciplinary Walker Institute.


Maria Jacob

PhD candidate Mathematics of Planet Earth Centre for Doctoral Training

I am a Doctoral candidate from the Mathematics of Planet Earth Centre for Doctoral Training


Michael Lai

SCENARIO Doctoral Student

My work is focused on understanding the processes of the Atlantic Mutidecadal Variability and attribution of the role aerosol plays through analysing numerical models.


Nerea Ferrando Jorge

PhD candidate

My research aims to identify the best land management strategies for improved soil health to enhance the important role of urban trees in mitigating the negative impacts of climate change and urbanisation. I am interested in advancing understanding of the empowering effects of citizen science for a sustainable living.

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Roweena Patel

SCENARIO – CASE Doctoral Student

My research focuses on understanding dynamics of food webs of commercially important fish stocks using satellite data. I will look at algae (phytoplankton) in the oceans from satellite data and analyse fish stomach content data to see what fish are consuming. I am particularly interested the effects these dynamics will help policy, management and marine spatial planning.

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Rachael Thornley

SCENARIO doctoral student, University of Reading

The way we manage grasslands is very important for food security, sustainable development and species biodiversity. My research involves using remote sensing technologies (satellite, aerial and proximal sensors) to monitor the state of different grassland types under varying management intensities in southern Britain. I am particularly interested in the conservation of semi-natural grasslands and quantifying the ecosystem services these rapidly declining habitats provide.

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Will Gibb

MSc candidate

I am an Climate Change and Development MSc Student at the Graduate Institute of International Development, Agriculture and Economics at the University of Reading. I am particularly interested in the extent to which countries are committed to achieving their Intended National Determined Contributions (INDCs). I am also interested in the energy-climate change nexus; my BSc dissertation investigated the public perception of Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station and nuclear energy.

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Dr Lucy Wallace

Communications and engagement consultant

I manage the Climate Action Studio and work with the students to facilitate their interactions with COP.

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